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a working partnership with Iberian Game Ltd.
Welcome to Meadow Game Hatchery.

With over 40 years experience, Meadow Game run a family business with a difference! The winning combination of generations of knowledge and the most technologically advanced hatching equipment enables us to produce premium quality Pheasant and Partridge day old chicks consistently from our livestock-free hatchery site.

21st Century Hatchery Expansion
We have endeavoured to keep pace with every development in hatching and can boast a facility at the cutting edge of incubator technology. This has been achieved by complimenting our existing single-stage system with three Hatchtech 84,000 egg micro-climber setters and 2 new micro-climber hatchers.

Confident that this revolutionary incubator system sets us apart from all other game hatcheries, we can proudly claim an improved embryo-management hatchability, bearing in mind current concerns, an enhanced bio-security. This is aided by cyclonic separators incorporated in the new hatchers, which reduces fluff and debris within the hatchers and hatchery building.

As the only game farming business in the UK to use this revolutionary system empowers us to deliver superior and uniform chick quality. This is thanks to the optimum incubation environment provided by its unique environmental control systems. We are celebrating the fact that our state-of-the-art system will enable us to double the number of chicks we produce, without compromising on quality, bringing us to the forefront of 21st Century game farming.

Iberian Game joined with meadow game in 2018 to form a collaborative partnership supplying Portuguese hatching partridge eggs to produce partridge chicks for the United Kingdom market.

This partnership has enabled us to introduce superior quality disease free partridge eggs to one of the most technologically advanced hatcheries in the United Kingdom, enabling us to produce premium quality Partridge day old chicks.

All Partridge chicks hatched from eggs originating form our game farms in Portugal, come with a Certificate of Origin and can be DNA tested as proof of being obtained from Caçabrava (Alectoris rufa) breeding stock and imported into the United Kingdom by Iberian Game.

There is no mixed lineage in our pure breed Red legged Partridge.

Day old chicks leaving our premises are always of premium quality. It is the controlled temperature within the incubators that ensures this. The embryo growth is monitored by the control computer, which incrementally adjusts the incubator environment ensuring an optimum embryo temperature throughout incubation (the micro-climber principle).

Once hatched, our grading system selects healthy, vigorous chicks to be counted on a new, twin-lane, 40,000 chicks per hour, automated machine. This enables us to focus on chick quality during selection.

Our chicks are hatched into re-usable plastic containers and delivered in climate-controlled vehicles monitored by the driver at the optimum temperature of 26 degrees c. We guarantee live delivery, and we also despatch an additional 2% of chicks free of charge.

This unique partnership between Meadow game, Iberian Game and Caçabrava brings a new opportunity for sporting estates throughout the United Kingdom. We are now able to supply premium quality day old partridge chicks with guaranteed genetic heritage, ensuring your rearing season has a head start with quality stock.

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