Welcome to the Herdade do Peso Sporting Estate

We would like to present the Herdade do Peso sporting estate.  This 1200 hectare historic estate, located in the south of the Ribatejo region, in the centre of Portugal has been in the same family for 5 generations, paying testimony to more than 2 centuries of Portuguese history and sitting in a 16th century parish.

First acquired in the 19th century, by Joao José de Brito, captain of the order of Malta, the land was a wilderness and unfarmed, the only exploitable resources were wood and hunting.  It was only when Joao José de Brito’s great grandson, Francisco Manuel da Veiga Malta (1885 – 1958) took over the estate that great changes took place.  The land was cleaned, dams were built and farming was established.  Grandfather Chico, as he was affectionately known, was the grandfather of the current owner of the estate, Carmo Malta da Vaiga Teixeira Turquin with her French husband Yves Turquin and their three children, Constança, Henri and Afonso all of whom are passionate about hunting and the countryside.

With a deeply rooted sporting and hunting culture dating 100 years and closely tying the family with the estate, Peso is a unique shooting ground and home to partridge, duck, snipe and wild boar shoots since the 1920’s. We, at Iberian Game, feel privileged to be invited to enjoy this superb family sporting estate.

Family friends from across Europe have enjoyed the spectacular driven game shooting at the Herdade do Peso sporting estate for decades.  Situated in the rolling Ribatejo countryside, the estate benefits from its easy access by road and is only 1 hour 15 minutes northeast from the capital Lisbon.

It gives us great pleasure to offer the chance to enjoy a sporting day on this historic sporting estate.  A day where we will present first class sporting birds over pegs placed within the valleys and hills amongst beautiful surroundings.  A day conceived and delivered to the sporting devotee without compromise and which will undoubtedly be enough to challenge the most experienced of guns.

This quality of shooting combined with the exceptional hospitality enjoyed in the family Shooting Lodge will give you and your team a day to remember.

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