Welcome to the Coudelaria de Alter Hunting Estate

Situated near Alter do Chão in the high Alentejo region of Portugal. The estate benefits from its easy access by road and is only 2 hours northeast from the capital Lisbon.

Founded in 1748 by King Joao V, it was King Carlos 1 around 1890 who was known to hunt on the estate and an original hunting dog carriage is still on display in the estate museum. This Nationally important estate is home to the world famous Alter Real Lusitano horses.

A unique collaboration between Companhia das Lezírias, SA, and Iberian Game has resulted in an exclusive opportunity to hunt wild boar on this most prestigious estate. All hunting is within the 800 hectare walled grounds, where you will have an opportunity to stalk the boar on foot or shoot from a high-seat all at night around the days of a full moon. There is something very special about this experience and at times, not for the faint hearted! However, you will not be alone with the boar, as at all times, an experienced hunting guide will be with you to ensure your safety and maximize your chance of a successful hunt.

This will be your time to live off the land of Portugal, to experience the silence of the Alentejo, to feel keen but at the same time understand patience; you will feel privileged to hunt in this historic place.

Hunting wild boar at the Coudelaria de Alter estate is only part of a trip you will never forget. We will succeed in providing you and your companions with unrivalled hospitality in surroundings, steeped in history.

We are therefore delighted to offer the chance to enjoy three nights hunting in this stunning natural landscape and in these historic royal surroundings. A trip conceived and delivered to the hunting enthusiast without compromise, which will be enough to challenge the most experienced hunter.

This quality of hunting combined with exceptional hospitality enjoyed in the Pousada Mosteiro do Crato will give you a trip to remember.


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