Welcome to the Caçabrava Sporting Estate

Sporting enthusiasts from across Europe have enjoyed the spectacular driven game shooting at the Caçabrava sporting estate for decades. Situated in the rolling countryside at Santa Cita, central Portugal, the estate benefits from its easy access by road and is only 1 hour north from the capital Lisbon.

What distinguishes Caçabrava from other sporting estates is their origin. Fernando Jorge Ferreira, his wife Ana, along with their two game veterinarian sons, João and António Ferreira run the estate. Their journey started in 1947 with Fernando Jorge’s grandparents starting a very successful bird rearing business. This heritage has enabled the Ferreira family to develop probably the most successfully game rearing group of farms in Portugal.

Caçabrava, which translated means, “wild game”, is now a sustainable, comprehensive organisation providing quality birds for their own sporting estate as well as supplying other top sporting estates throughout Europe.

Their ability to successfully breed and rear the wild partridge has lead Caçabrava to become one of the most respected producers of native red leg Partridge in the Iberian Peninsula.

We are therefore delighted to offer the chance to enjoy a sporting day to remember. A day where we will present first class sporting birds over pegs placed on classic topography in beautiful surroundings. A day conceived and delivered to the sporting enthusiast without compromise, which will be enough to challenge the most experienced of guns.

This quality of shooting combined with exceptional hospitality enjoyed in the Caçabrava Shooting Lodge will give you and your team a day to remember. 


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