Caçabrava Game Farms

a working partnership with Iberian Game Ltd.

What distinguishes Caçabrava from other European game farms is their origin. Fernando Jorge Ferreira, his wife Ana, along with their two game veterinarian sons, João and António Ferreira run the Company. Their journey started in 1947 with Fernando Jorge’s grandparents starting a very successful bird rearing business. This heritage has enabled the Ferreira family to develop probably the most successfully game rearing group of farms in Portugal.

Caçabrava, which translated means, “wild game”, is now a sustainable, comprehensive organization producing disease free game eggs and providing quality birds for their own sporting estate as well as supplying other top sporting estates and hatcheries throughout Europe.

Their ability to successfully breed and rear the wild partridge has lead Caçabrava to become one of the most respected producers of native red leg Partridge in the Iberian Peninsula.

Caçabrava grows all the cereals for its own game farms; the crops are grown as organically as possible, again, replicating the bird’s natural environment. The business and facilities have gradually expanded to incorporate automation and computerisation of many process, e.g. food and water, this ensures the natural environment and behaviour of the bird is maintained.

In 2017 Caçabrava occupies five separate game farms.

Iberian Game joined Caçabrava in 2016 to form a collaborative partnership exporting game eggs to the United Kingdom, Southern Ireland and the USA.

Our success has lead to further expansion to our breeding stock in 2017 and we now produce in excess of five hundred thousand Partridge eggs each year.

Today, the Portuguese government requires “Genotype” approval. Once approved all breeding stock are tagged on the wing. Caçabrava has only the species of Alectoris rufa.

The initial founding Partridge stock came from a native population, found in natural parks in Portugal; A.rufa is recognised in the Iberian Peninsula for its genetic quality and ease of rearing.
Caçabrava’s birds are virtually impossible to distinguish from the original wild birds found in Portugal.

Caçabrava holds all the data, including DNA, from all its breeding pairs. The Portuguese government checks and regulates this information to ensure the genetic heritage is maintained.

The breeding stock is housed in modern pens ensuring the very highest standards of welfare and bio security. All our birds are fed entirely on cereals raised on Caçabrava’s land.

Our Partridge eggs are picked three times a day to ensure freshness and delivered across Europe.
Pre-delivery arrangements are carefully organised with all our customers to ensure our eggs arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

For information and to discuss your order requirements please contact:

Rod Skeet on: + 44 7800 559 265

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